Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations

Marx, Karl (with an introduction by Eric J. Hobsbawm)
Publisher:  International Publishers
Year Published:  1964   First Published:  1858
Pages:  156pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8247

Thes notes of 1857-1858 throw light on Marx's views concerning the economic development of human society as a whole, from "primitive communism" to capitalism and socialistm. The notes deal partcularly with the epochs of historic development and their evolutionary stages.


Table of Contents

Introduction, by E. J. Hobsbawm

Pre-Capitalist Economic Formations, by Karl Marx

Supplementary Texts of Marx and Engels on Problems of Historical Periodisation
1. From the German Ideology (Part I)
2. Marx to Engels, March 14, 1868
3. Marx to Engels, March 25, 1868
4. Marx to Zasulich, March 8, 1881
5. Engels to Marx, December 15, 1882
6. Engels to Marx, December 16, 1882
7. Engels to Marx, December 22, 1882


Subject Headings

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