Radical Digressions

Diemer, Ulli

Publisher:  Ulli Diemer
Year Published:  2017   First Published:  2006
Book Type:  Internet Sites
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Resource Type:  Website
Cx Number:  CX8204

Ulli Diemer's website/blog featuring comment from a radical left-libertarian Marxist perspective.

Radical Digressions (www.diemer.ca) is my personal website. My "notebooks" form the main part of the site. Arranged in chronological order, with the most recent on the home page, they comprise a mixed bag of notes, letters, pictures, short articles, book reviews, and other writings. Where articles are too long to fit into the notebook format, the first few paragraphs are included in the notebook, with a link leading to the rest of the article. The site also include a potpourri of other stuff, including photos, quotes, lists of books I've read, films I've seen, and websites I like. There are also links to publications that I have edited or written for.

My politics:

I am a libertarian socialist. My goal is the end of capitalism and its replacement by socialism, 'an association in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all.'

Socialism is fundamentally about expanding the realm of freedom to the greatest possible extent. It requires ridding the world of capitalism, which crushes human lives and potential while increasingly threatening the planet. The malignant heart of capitalism is capital, so ending capitalism means eradicating capital. Social reforms, no matter how valuable and worth pursuing, cannot in themselves defeat capitalism. That requires a revolution: the overthrow of the rule of capital and the state forms through which it rules. Revolution can take many forms, but a socialist revolution inescapably means ripping off the straitjacket of capital's political and legal structures. Capitalism’s contradictions are pushing us down the road to destruction. We have to end it before it destroys us.

I like: Summer rain. Crisp snow. Soaring birds. Dark chocolate.
I dislike: Cruelty. Hypocrisy. Selfishness. Dumplings.

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