Father Jimmy
The Life and Times of JImmy Tompkins

Lotz, Jim; Welton, Michael
Publisher:  Breton Books
Pages:  169pp   Price:  $14.95  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8188

Abstract:  Father Jimmy was the inspiration for the founding of the Antigonish movement that sprung up in Nova Scotia. in the early 1930's. Through his guidance, co-operatives, study groups and credit unions were started. Banished by his Bishop because he insisted that the university should serve the average person he was sent to work with the poorest fishermen. He encouraged self-reliance and adult education. He believed that the ordinary person empowered with ideas could change everything. With his cousin Father Thomas Coady they encouraged people to take control of their own lives and make a difference. In Father Jimmy" his ideas are proven to be relevant today.

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