The Other Mexico
The North American Triangle Completed

Warnock, John
Publisher:  Black Rose Books
Year Published:  1995
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8184

The Other Mexico is an in depth look at Mexico, its place within its own history, North America and global context. Starting with the conquest by Cortez in 1519 Warnock brings us to the present day. He describes the Mexican economy leading to the boon in the 1970's to the debt crisis in the 1980's and the fraudulent election of Carlos Salinas de Gotari. He explains the ramifications of economic liberalism: removal of restrictions on foreign investment, privatization of banks and the oil companies, maintaining high interest rates and the flight of capital. Warnock also looks at the societal impact of these changes. Dissent is controlled through torture, murder and disappearances. The unions are for the most part controlled by the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) making strikes almost impossible to organize. Elections are fraudulent with the PRI stuffing the ballot boxes and inflating the voter list with phantom voters. Warnock feels that the policies that Mexico has adopted has lessons for Canada. The economic neo-liberalism found in Mexico has its counterpart here. There has been an attack on the deficit, slashing of social programs, the environment has been forgotten and wage controls have been introduced.

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