The Seventh Decade
The New Shape of Nuclear Danger

Schell, Jonathan
Publisher:  Holt
Year Published:  2008
Price:  $28   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8179

The Seventh Decade reveals many things. Amongst them is the history of global nuclear politics and the Bush government's policies that endanger the security of Americans and the world. Schell asserts that the Bush/ Cheney administration has forsaken traditional diplomacy and treaties that restrain nuclear proliferation preferring a first-strike military option. In so doing they have attacked Iraq using the excuse that they had WMD's, and have threatened North Korea and Iran with no results-North Korea now has the bomb and Iran is on the way. The administration has also encouraged the development of new generations of such weapons. He contends that the policies of the American government has intensified the trafficking of nuclear weapons which pose a renewed threat to humanity.

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