The Next Liberation Struggle
Capitalism, Socialism and Democracy in Southern Africa

Saul, John S.
Publisher:  Monthly Review Press, New York, USA
Year Published:  2005
Pages:  354pp   Price:  $21.95   ISBN:  1-58367-125-0
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8156

An indispensable guide to understanding how the resources of that era can be used to contribute to real liberation for the region and for the continent of Africa as a whole.

This collection of essays by John Saul deals with various questions concerning African socialism. He discusses the failures of these manifestation in different countries-Mugabe's Zimbabwe, Nyerere's Tanzania, Mozambique, Namibia and South Africa. The book is both a critique of the capitulation of African states to capitalism and a critique of capitalism that allows Africans to still be marginalized and exploited. It is a realistic look at the lack of democratic practice and theory in Africa and the impact on nascent socialist movements; the new elites; the precedents of nationalistic movement practices, the inherited hierarchies deemed necessary to liberation forces and the smothering of mass political activism that could help sustain democratic and socialist change. Aware of the historical lessons from past decades Saul is still hopeful that a new revolution in Africa is both possible and necessary.

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