The Multilateral Agreement and the Threat to Canadian Sovereignty

Clarke, Tony & Barlow, Maude
Publisher:  Stoddart
Year Published:  1998
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8130

Explains how international agreements like the MAI are a systematic attack on democratic governments on all levels.

Firstly, Clarke and Barlow explain what this treaty means. Signed by the 29 industrial countries that make up the Organization for Economic Coperation and Developement it outlines the rules for international foreign investment. Transnationals will be granted equal legal standing with nation-states, access to domestic courts and the ability to challenge any legislation such as labour laws, copyright protection, Canadian content and environmental regulations that they feel is detrimental to their interest. There is a brief historical reveiw of events that led to the treaty and fuelled the thought that the needs of capital and transnational corporations are more important than the needs and rights of citizens and their own nation-states. They fear that this treaty will affect all levels of government and be detrimental to Canadian economic, societal and democratic rights as citizens. They also see it as an attack on Canadian cutural rights. They offer aternative methods for debate and dicussion with a criteria for transnationals that would insure that they contribute to all aspects of Canadian life.

Subject Headings

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