Shell Shock
The Secrets and Spin of an Oil Giant

Cummins, Ian and Beasant, John
Publisher:  Mainstream Pubishing -
Year Published:  2005
ISBN:  1-84018-941-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX8085

Cummins and Beasant uncover the seedier side of one of last of the oil giants. They start with a historical overview of Shell. The second section details Shell's power battles and its aggressive courting of national governments and its abysmal record on the environment-marketing of pesticides and lobbying against the Kyoto Protocol to name but a few. They examine the 2004 fiasco when Shell admitted to falsifying the oil reserves they had and consequently inflated the worth of the company. Once regarded as a world leader and model for other corporations it now seeks to recover its damaged reputation.

Subject Headings

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