Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread

Publisher:  Ten Days for World Development 1978 Leader's Kit, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1979
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX798

A series of article regarding the Ten Days for World Development conference focused on food.

Ten Days for world Development is a joint development education programme of the Anglican, Catholic, Lutheran, Presbyterian and United Churches of Canada. Its goal is to bring about changes in Canadian public policy which will broaden the opportunities for human growth, especially by the peoples of developing countries. For its third successive year, Ten Days is focusing on food. Food, a basic human right of all people, is used to illustrate an analysis of what is currently wrong with the socio-economic order in the world today.

As in the past two years, the focus of the Ten Days Kit is on the root causes of malnutrition and hunger in a world of abundance.The orientation of "10 Days" is that hunger persists due to economic, social and political causes. Thus, it can be controlled. This kit includes eleven recent articles which provide in depth examination of the problems, their causes and what can be done, written in understandable language. For example, one item in the kit examines how food is used as a political tool by the developed nations under the guise of aid. With increased agricultural production food has become a commodity, generating huge profits for multinational corporations while leaving millions chronically hungry.

The kit offers concrete resource material illustrating the facts and implications of this important issue: an economic structure that abuses the right of all people to have enough to eat. As well, it provides information on the approach of some Canadians in their struggles to challenge and rectify some of these injustices.

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