Foreword to the Anthology: The Polish Question and the Socialist Movement

Luxemburg, Rosa
Year Published:  1905
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX7966

Luxemburg argues that "the proletariat the Poland can and must fight for the defense of national identity as a cultural legacy, that has its own right to exist and flourish." But she maintains that "our national identity cannot be defended by national separatism; it can only be secured through the struggle to overthrow despotism" throughout the entire country [i.e. Russia, of which Poland was a part].


According to Luxemburg, the proletariat's "real interests in this respect -- liberty, the free development of the national cultural heritage, bourgeois equality, and the abolition of all national oppression – find their only effective, nay, only possible expression in the universal class strivings of the proletariat for the broadest democratization of the partition countries, to which national autonomy is a self-evident corollary. Beyond this, however, to think that appropriation of the state apparatus in an independent class society under existing conditions is in the interests of the working class is no more than a utopian delusion".

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