Submission to the Poverty Task Force of the United Church of Canada
How Social and Economc Justice Can be Improved in Canada

Kirkwood, James Rev.
Publisher:  Division of World Outreach, United Church of Canada, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1978  
Pages:  4pp  
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX792

A submission to the United Church clergy on Canada's strategies for developing technology and economy.

Abstract:  This submission, addressed to clergy, examines the Canadian standard of living in comparison with a global average and asks, "What are our goals as Canadians?" There are a variety of possible models one could work with in attempting to formulate an equitable social system. Kirkwood would opt for a socialist model over a capitalist one since it encourages the best rather than the worst in us; similarly, it seems more creative and in touch with Christian faith to look for participation and responsibility in society rather than curbs and balances .
He states that a theology of stewardship aimed at an egalitarian society should be a fundamental working principle of any church response to shaping our society. Experimentation and imagination are suggested at the local level, especially to discover ways church members can participate in building justice within the church itself. In this way, the church itself becomes a model for a new society.
The author questions the benefit of bureaucracies, technologies and specialization. He suggests a moratorium on these areas until we "catch up in human terms and in social, political and theological understanding of what's happening and where we are going and try to map out our future." Repentance is required and can take positive form in commitment to specific elements of the struggle for change.

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