Manual For The Jobless Worker

Publisher:  Saskatchewan Federation of Labour, Regina, Canada
Year Published:  1978
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX787

A manual that describes the rights of unemployed and the unemployment insurance process.

This handbook provides assistance in relating to the extremely complex legislation of Canada's unemployment insurance. The major message is "do not give in, when you feel unjustly treated, or when you simply fail to understand some decision or procedure, seek help from your union, union of unemployed 'workers or the Unemployment Insurance Commission itself."
Aside from bureaucratic errors, most of the systems inadequacies and injustices are a direct result of federal government policies and attitudes.
The handbook describes how unemployment insurance was established in the 1940's as insurance against unemployment, but that over the years this concept has been warped and twisted out of shape. Both the institution and the unemployed themselves have been used as political footballs by self-serving politicians. Concern about the real problem -- unemployment -- has been overshadowed by concerns about the cost of the program and whether the unemployed 'deserve' the money they receive.
The book outlines how the worker has been made to feel "guilty'' about collecting benefits; that he or she is contribution nothing to society. It supports the principle that everyone is entitled to benefits. It is a right -- one worth fighting for.

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