The Marxists and the Jewish Question
The History of a Debate 1843 - 1943

Traverso, Enzo (translated by Bernard Gibbons)
Publisher:  Humanities Press, USA
Year Published:  1994
Price:  $18.50   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7789

Covers the difficult history of European Marxists' efforts to comprehend what "The Jewish Question" was about. The assumption that Jewish life and religion were a historical anachronism, something that would naturally disappear with the end of their specific economic function in the development of capitalism, also implied that the medieval legacy of Jew-hatred would vanish as well.The possibility of a new and even more virulent, racialist revival of Jew-hatred -- anti-Semitism -- was overlooked by thinkers and parties who envisioned an inevitable evolution toward socialism.

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