Woman's Consciousness, Man's World

Rowbotham, Sheila
Publisher:  Penguin Books, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1973
Pages:  136pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7740

The cultural and economic liberation of women is inseparable from the creation of a society in which all people no longer have their lives stolen from them, and in which the conditions of their production and reproduction will no longer be distorted or held back by the subordination of sex, race, or class.


Table of Contents


Part I: Through the Looking-Glass
1. The Problem without a Name
2. Living Doll
3. Through the Looking-Glass

Part II: What Did You Do Today, Dear?
4.) A Dog's Life
5.) A Woman's Work is Never Done
6.) Sitting Next to Nellie
7.) Imperialism and Everyday Life
8.) Conclusion
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Subject Headings

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