Toward Sustainable Communities
Resources for Citizens and their Governments

Roseland, Mark
Publisher:  New Society Publishers, Canada
Year Published:  1998   First Published:  1992
Pages:  242pp   Price:  $26.95   ISBN:  0-86571-374-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7682

The way our urban communities develop will largely determine our success or failure in overcoming environmental challenges and achieving sustainable development. Toward Sustainable Communities offer practical suggestions and innovative solutions to a wide range of municipal and community problems.


Table of Contents


Part I: Sustainable Communities, Sustainable Planet
1. The Context for Sustainable Communities
2. Toward Sustainable Communities
3. Making Community Policy

Part II: Sustainable Community Building Blocks
4. Greening the City
5. Water and Sewage
6. Waste Reduction and Recycling
7. Energy Efficiency and Renewables
8. Atmospheric Change and Air Quality
9. Transportation Planning and Traffic Management
10. Land Use and Urban Form
11. Housing and Community Development
12. Community Economic Development

Part III: Mobilizing Citizens and Their Governments
13. Governing Sustainable Communities
14. Tools for Community Sustainability
15. Lessons and Challenges


Subject Headings

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