Rosa Luxemburg Speaks

Waters, Mary Alice
Publisher:  Pathfinder Press, New York, USA
Year Published:  1970
  Dewey:  335.43
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7626

A selection of speeches and writings by Rosa Luxemburg.


Table of Contents:

Reform or Revolution
Socialist Crisis in France
Stagnation and Progress of Marxism
Organizational Question of Social Democracy
Socialism and the Churches
The Mass Strike, the Political Party and the Trade Unions
What is Economics?
Peace Utopias
The Junius Pamphlet: The Crisis in the German Social Democracy
Letters from Prison
The Spirit of Russian Literature: Life of Korolenko
The Russian Revolution
Against Capital Punishment
Speech to the Founding Convention of the German Communist Party
Appendix A- On the Junius Pamphlet
Appendix B- From "Notes of a Publicist"
Appendix C- Hands off Rosa Luxemburg
Appendix D- Luxemburg and the Fourth International
Glossary of Names and Terms

Subject Headings

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