The Radical Therapist
Therapy means change not adjustment

Radical Therapist Collective - Agel, Jerome (ed.)
Publisher:  Ballantine Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1971
Pages:  292pp   ISBN:  345-02383-8-125
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7599

The contributors to this anthology proceed from the premise that therapy should be a means of liberation rather than a tool of social control.


Table of Contents


1. Toward a Theory of Radical Theory
Radical Psychiatry: Principles, by Claude Steiner
On Training Therapists, by Michael Glenn
Radical Psychiatry and Movement Groups, by Claude Steiner
How to be a Radical Therapist, by Rick Kunnes
Radical Therapy Needs Revolutionary Theory, by Terry Kupers

2. "Mental Illness"-Old and New
Letter, by C.B.
Flection/Reflection, by Mary Barnes
Madness and Morals, by Morton Schatzman
"Anti-Psychiatry," Interview with Joe Berke
Insane Liberation Front

3. Women and Men
Editorial, by Judith Brown
Brainwashing and Women, by a Redstockings Sister
The Myth of the Vaginal Orgasm, by Anne Koedt
Letter to Her Psychiatrist, by Nadine Miller
Oedipus and Male Supremacy, by Robert Seidenberg
The Personal is Political, by Carol Hanisch
Consciousness Raising and Intuition, by Kathie Sarachild
Is Women's Liberation a Therapy Group?, by Marilyn Zweig
Mothers of the Millennium, by Judith Brown
Lesbianism, by Martha Shelley
What You Can Do, by Redstockings (San Francisco)
Marriage and Psychotherapy, by Phyllis Chesler
Radical Psychiatry in Women's Groups, by Hogie Wyckoff
Aggression in Women, by Shirley Bernard
Offing Piggery in Women's Groups, by Dot Vance

4. Community and Society
Stealing Mental Health: Theory and Practice, by Rick Kunnes
Community Mental Health as a Pacification Program, by Jim Statman
Number Nine: Creating a Counter-Institution, by Dennis Jaffe
Dump Therapy, by Marilyn Becker
Spatial Relations in Community, by Dan Leibsohn

5. Further Concerns
Rights of Children
Psychiatric Draft Letters, by Peter Roemer
Gay Liberation Manifesto, by Carl Wittman
Notes on Fanon, by Phil Brown
Radical Psychiatry Manifesto, by Claude Steiner
Editorials from The Radical Therapist

Subject Headings

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