Radical Perspectives on the Economic Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism

URPE/PEA Teach-In/Teach-Out Pamphlet Collective
Publisher:  The Union for Radical Political Economics, New York, USA
Year Published:  1975
Pages:  193pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7598

A popular education pamphlet on the economic crises of monopoly capitalism.


Table of Contents

About this Pamphlet

Part 1: On Organizing Teach-ins and Teach-outs
1. A report from the Oberlin Teach-in
2. Tables and Graphs for Reference and Study

Part II: On the Economic Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism
3. Introduction
4. Austin URPE: Inflation / Depression: A Radical Perspective
5. Domestic Dimensions
i) James Crotty: The Current Economic Crisis: Historical Perspectives and Future Projections
ii) David M. Gordon: Capital v. Labor: The Current Crisis in the Sphere of Production
iii) Richard C. Edwards: The Impact of Industrial Concentration on Inflation and the Economic Crisis
iv) Clarence Y. H. Lo: The Conflicting Functions of U.S. Military Spending after World War II
v) Monthly Review: Banks: Skating on Thin Ice
vi) Joan Hoffman: Macropolitics and Economic Crisis
6. International Dimensions
i) Arthur MacEwan: Changes in World Capitalism and the Current Crisis of the U.S. Economy
ii) Andre Gunder Frank: World Crisis, Class Struggle, and 1984
iii) David Barkin: The Economic Crisis of Imperialism
7. Food and Energy Crises: URPE / PEA National Food Collective
i) The Capitalist Food System: A Framework for Understanding Food Inflation
ii) Ross Taylor: Bad Moon Rising: The Oil Crisis and World Capitalism
iii) Maarten de Kadt: Profits and the Energy Crisis
8. Perspectives and Interpretations
i) Roger Alcaly: Capitalism, Crises and the Current Economic Situation
ii) Robert Zevin: The Political Economy of the American Empire, 1974
iii) David M Gordon: Orthodox and Radical Economists: Differences in Analysis of the Current Crisis
9. The Impact of the Crisis
i) Joan Hoffman: Impact of the Economic Crisis on Women and Minorities
ii) Julian Ellison: Recession, Inflation and the Black Community
iii) Norm Bowers: Youth and the Crisis of Monopoly Capitalism
iv) City Bureau of Common Sense: Cities in Crisis
v) Editors of Economic Notes: The Inadequacies of Unemployment Insurance
10. The Government's Response
i) William K Tabb: Explaining Away Crises
ii) William K Tabb: We Are All Socialist Now: Corporate Planning for America
11. A Special Issue of Dollars and Sense
i) The Economy in Review
ii) The Real Unemployment Rate
iii) Black Capitalism in the Red
iv) The Consumer Price Index

12. For Further Study
i) Bibliography on the Current Economic Crisis
ii) Bibliography on Marxian Theories of Economic Crisis

Subject Headings

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