A People's History of Prince Edward Island

Sharpe, Errol
Publisher:  Steel Rail, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1976
Pages:  252pp   ISBN:  0-88791-003-3
Library of Congress Number:  FC2611.S43   Dewey:  971.7
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7565

The history of Prince Edward from a people's perspective, looking at how tenant farmers, independent merchants, fishermen, workers, and farmers fought ti improve their conditions and improve their society.


Table of Contents


1. The first people
The Micmac
2. The first Europeans
The conquerors - La Compaignie de la Nouvelle France- Emerging empires
3. The French regime
Breadbasket for Louisbourg - Expulsion and conquest - The Acadiens - Life on Ile St Jean - The conquest
4. Establishing British control
British North America - The land lottery - The Acadiens - New settlement
5. The American Revolution - pillagers and profiteers
Raids on the Island-The United Empire Loyalists-The struggle for land
6. The Family Compact
The Fanning regime
7. Nation Building - Invasion repulsed
The Society of Loyal Electors - The War of 1812-1814 - The Island in 1812
8. Land monopolies and big business
Life of the early settlers- Lumbering and shipbuilding
9. Education and public demands
Education - demands 1825-1832
10. The fight for land
The tenants organise - Our country's freedom and farmer's right - Hay River meeting - Threatening the establishment - Revolution in the Canadas
11. Victory and defeat
Lord Durham's report - Expanding the liberated zone
12. Responsible government
The new forms - No power, no pay
13. Land reform at the farmer's expense
New political alliances - Confiscation or expropriation - Religion brought into the fray
14. Warfare in the country
Social and political structures- The land commission- The Island Tenants' League
15. Confederation
The golden age- The confederation debates- The railway brings confederation
16. Resource hinterland for imperialism
The bourgeois dream is shattered - The railway- The end of feudalism- The growth of the fishing industry- The decline of manufacturing - Forced depopulation
17. The politics of education and religion
The school system - The Separate School question- The rural district schools
18. People's organisations - Co-operatives and trade unions
Co-operation, a way of life- The farmer's bank- The grain banks- Other co-operatives- The fisherman organise- The trade union movement begins
19. A farmer's diary
A year on the farm
20. Changing empires
Imperialist expansion- Mackenzie King: friend of Rockefeller
21. The years between the wars
New masters- New industry- The great depression- The co-operative movement
22. World war and aftermath
World War II (1939-1945) - The war economy- After the war- Trade unions
23. The merchants' last stand
J Walter Jones, Would be dictator - Jones is over-ruled
24. New rulers gain control
Industrial plunder, the beginning - Potato marketing board- Federal provincial relations
25. Conservative premier- Liberal gifts
The industry robbed - The international unions- The farmers
26. The plan
Researched and planned exploitation- Canadian agriculture, the federal plan - The development plan
27. The plan in operation
28. The struggle- A new stage
The National Farmers' Union, NFU- Public Order Act, Bill 55- Workers and farmers unite
29. The people fight back
Land ownership and control- Control of marketing- The NFU marketing plan- The struggle continues- Conclusion

Subject Headings

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