An Opposing Man
The Autobiography of a Romantic Revolutionary

Fischer, Ernst
Publisher:  Liveright, New York, USA
Year Published:  1974   First Published:  1969
Pages:  417pp   ISBN:  0-87140-598-9
Library of Congress Number:  DB98.F55A313   Dewey:  943.6`05`0924
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7556

The memoirs on Ernst Fischer, a socialist literary and art critic.

Abstract:  Ernst Fischer's account, translated by Peter and Betty Ross, highlights his many roles-as "a first-rate art and literary critic", a gifted popular Marxist interpreter, an executive of the Austrian Communist Party and "an accomplished propagandist at the centre of power in Moscow during the war." Through this book Fischer describes life in Moscow during his time and "recounts dramatic conversations with Togliatti, Dimitrov, Ulbricht, and others." The book covers his life in Graz, in Vienna, and in Moscow. An introduction by John Berger recounts the last stages of Fischer's life.

Fischer grew up in Graz, fought in the First World War and witnessed the collapse of the Austrian Army. He was involved in politics and formed friendships with many important people. He became a Communist but later in life he was expelled from the Communist Party.

[Abstract by Nabeeha Chaudhary]

Table of Contents

Introduction: A Philosopher and Death
Was That Me?
Race Against Death

Part I: Graz
1. Childhood
2. Collapse
3. Homecoming
4. Decision
5. The Speaker
6. Letter to Anny

Part II: Vienna
7. Assistant Editor on the Arbeiter-Zeitung
8. 15 July 1927
9. My Sister
10. Crisis
11. Opposition
12. February 1934

Part III: Moscow
13. Crossing the Frontier
14. Dimitrov
15. Between Lux and Comintern
16. The Trials
17. The Pact
18. War

Historical Note

Subject Headings

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