Monopoly Capital
An essay on American economic and social order

Baran, Paul A.; Sweezy, Paul M.
Publisher:  Modern Reader, New York, USA
Year Published:  1969   First Published:  1966
Pages:  402pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7522

An analysis of American capitalism.


Table of Contents


The Giant Corporation
The Tendency of Surplus to Rise
The Absorption of Surplus: Capitalists' Consumption and Investment
The Absorption of Surplus: the Sales Effort
The Absorption of Surplus: Civilian Government
The Absorption of Surplus: Militarism and Imperialism
On the History of Monopoly Capitalism
Monopoly Capitalism and Race Relations
On the Quality of Monopoly Capitalist Society
The Irrational System
Appendix: Estimating the Economic Surplus by Joseph D. Phillips
Author Index
Subject Index

List of Tables

Selected Financial Data for Non-Financial Corporations, 1953-1962
Investment Outflow and Income, 1950-1963
Government Spending, 1903-1959
Share of Corporate Profits in National Income
Government Spending, 1929-1957
5a Government Spending, 1929-1939
Subsidiaries of Standard Oil
Growth of Foreign and Domestic Manufacturing Sales and Merchandise Exports, 1957-1962
Growth of Railroad Capital: Annual Averages
Pattern of Business Cycles, 1890-1914
Unemployment, 1900-1963
Capacity Utilization, 1920-1929
Capacity Utilization, 1930-1939
Profits and National Income, 1929-1938
Capacity Utilization and Unemployment, 1950-1963
Emigration of Negroes from Eleven Former Confederate States, 1870-1960
White and Non-White Unemployment, 1940-1962
Non-White Employment in Government, 1940-1962
Elements of Profit Income and Economic Surplus
Estimates of Product Income of Unincorporated Business
Other Forms of Property Income
Surplus Absorption by Government
Total Economic Surplus and Its Major Components

List of Charts

Hypothetical Profitability Schedule
U.S. Steel Corporation: Relationship between Operating Rate and Rate of Return on Stockholders' Investment, after Taxes, 1920-1940, 1947-1950, and 1953-1960
Unemployment, 1900-1963
Passenger Cars: Factory Sales and Registrations, 1911-1962
Surplus as Percent of Gross National Product

Subject Headings

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