Marx on Economics

Marx, Karl (Freedman ed.)
Publisher:  Penguin
Year Published:  1961  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7509

A systematic compilation of extracts drawn from Marx's publications with brief summaries of their arguments.


Table of Contents

Introduction by Harry Schwartz

PART I: The Ideological Underpinnings
A. Economic Interpretation of History
B. The Class Struggle

PART II: Marxian Economic Analysis
A. Labour Theory of Value
1. Value in Use and Value in Exchange
2. Socially Necessary Labour-time
3. Demand and Value
4. The Value of Labour-power
Appendixes to the Labour Theory of Value
a. Commodity Fetishism
b. The Doctrine of Increasing Misery

B. Theory of Exploitation
1. Constant and Variable Capital
2. Surplus-value
3. The Rate of Surplus-value

C. Accumulation and the Falling Rate of Profit
1. Organic Composition of Capital
2. The Falling Rate of Profit
3. Equalization of the Rate of Profit
4. Market-prices and Market-values

D. The Breakdown of Capitalism
1. The Capitalist and Accumulation
2. The Reserve Army of Unemployed, Crises and Wages
3. Monopoly, Capitalism, and Crises
4. Deficiency in Demand and Crises
5. Crises Due to Internal Contradictions
6. Crisis - Say's Law, Monetary Crises, Disproportions in Production
a. Causes of Crises in General
b. Overproduction of Commodities and Overabundance of Capital
c. Unity of Purchase and Sale, of the Process of Production and the Process of Circulation
d. General and Partial Overproduction
e. Expansion of Production and Expansion of the Market

PART III: The Nature of a Communist Society
A. Value, Rent, and Money in a Communist Society
B. The Allocation of Output and Labour in a Socialist and Communist Society
C. The Relationship of Man to Work, Man to Man, and Man to the State



Subject Headings

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