Marx & Keynes
The Limits of the Mixed Economy

Mattick, Paul

Publisher:  Extending Horizon Books, Boston, USA
Year Published:  1969  
Pages:  364pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7507

According to Mattick, "Keynesianism merely reflects the transition of capitalism from its free-market to a state-aided phase and provides an ideology for those who mementarily profit by this transition. It does not touch upon the problems Marx was concerned with. As long as the capitalist mode of production prevails, Marxism will retain its relevance, since it concerns itself neither with one or another technique of capital production, nor with the social changes within the frame of capital production, but only with its final abolition".


Table of Contents

1. The Keynesian Revolution
2. Marx and Keynes
3. Marx's Labor Theory of Value
4. Value and Price
5. The Law of Value as "Equilibrium Mechanism
6. Accumulation and the Falling Rate of Profit
7. The Business Cycle
8. The Realization of Surplus Value
9. Capitalism in Crises
10. The Expropriation of Capital
11. Saving Capitalism
12. Keynesianism in Reverse
13. The "Transformation" of Capitalism
14. The Mixed Economy
15. Money and Capital
16. Technology and the Mixed Economy
17. Capital Formation and Foreign Trade
18. Economic Development
19. The Imperialist Imperative
20. State-Capitalism and the Mixed Economy
21. Marxism and Socilism
22. Value and Socialism

Subject Headings

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