Lenin's Moscow

Rosmer, Alfred

Publisher:  Pluto Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1971   First Published:  1953
Pages:  253pp   ISBN:  0-902818-11-2
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7494

Rosmer traces the furtunes of the Russian Revolution and the Communist International from 1920 to 1924.


Table of Contents

Introduction to the English Edition

Part I - 1920
1. Europe in 1920
2. The Journey to Moscow
3. May Day in Vienna
4. Masaryk's Czechoslovakia
5. Clara Zetkin, Shlyapnikov, Great Demonstration in Berlin
6. From Stettin to Reval (Tallin)
7. Petrograd, Zinoviev
8. Moscow: At the Executive Committee of the Communist International, Sadoul / Radek / Bukharin
9. Trotsky
10. At the Kremlin: Lenin
11. Among the Delegates to the II Congress of the Communist International
12. Radek Speaks of Bakunin
13. Smolny: Solemn Opening Session of the II Congress
14. The Debates of the II Congress
15. Trotsky's Closing Speech Presents the Manifesto
16. The Eastern Peoples at the Congress of Baku
17. The Russian Trade Unions
18. The Anarchists, Death and Funeral of Kropotkin
19. Congress of the French Socialist Party, A Majority for Affiliation to the Communist International
20. The French Community Group in Moscow
21. 'Trotsky's Train', Wrangel, End of the Civil War

Part II - 1921
1. The Trade-Union Questions Provokes a Great Debate
2. The Kronstadt Rising
3. Lenin Presents the New Economic Policy (NEP) to the III Congress of the Communist International
4. The Red International of Labour Unions Holds its Founding Congress
5. Balance Sheet of 17 Months in Russia
6. Return to Paris - a Different World

Part III - 1922
1. Return to Moscow, the United Front, Shlyapnikov and Cachin
2. World Economic Crisis, Lloyd George Proposes a Conference, Cannes
3. The Delegates of the 3 Internationals at Berlin
4. Genoa and Rapallo
5. The Trial of the Social-Revolutionaries
6. 5th Anniversary of the October Revolution, IV Congress of the Communist International
7. The French Communist Party and its Difficulties
8. Frossard Resigns - Cachin Remains

Part IV - 1924
1. Lenin's Death

1. Lenin's Testament
2. Fortunes of Lenin's Testament
3. Lenin's Last Speech to the Communist International

Biographical Notes and Glossary
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