In Our Backyard
A Greater Vancouver Environmental Guide...

Trendell-Whittaker, Peggy
Publisher:  Whitecap Books
Year Published:  1992
Pages:  120pp   Price:  $8.95   ISBN:  1-55110-040-1
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7472

In Our Backyard focuses on environmental problems that apply directly to Greater Vancouver. With detials on local garbage and recylcing facilities, water and energy consumption, sewage disposal, air quality, and more, it is designed to help ordinary people deal with the onslaught of information and value changes that will continue to surround the environmental movement.


Table of Contents

1. Where Does Your Garbage Go?
i) Solid Waste Facilities
- Transfer Stations
- Landfills
- Resource Recovery Plants
ii)Recycling in the GVRD
- Municipalities
ii) What You Can Do
- Ditch Disposables
- Consider Composting
- A Pox on Packaging
- Paring Down Paper
- Turf Your Toxins
- Green Your Holidays
2. Water, Water Everywhere
i) Where Does Our Water Come From?
- The Watersheds
- Water Treatment and Quality
- Water - Using It Wisely
ii) Where Does Our Water Go?
- How Your Sewage is Treated
- Which Plant Serves You/
- Water - Keeping It Clean
iii) Where Does Our Power Come From?
- Be Power Smart!
3. The Air Around Us
i) Global Warming
ii) The Growing Ozone Hole
iii) Air Pollution in Vancouver
iv) How the GVRD Stacks Up
v) Bike, Bus, or Hoof It
vi) What Else Can You Do?
4. Green Spaces
i) In Our Backyards
- Why Grow Organic?
- Composting
- Growing Without Chemicals
- Attracting Wildlife
ii) The Space We Share
- Major GVRD Parks
- Major Provincial Parks
- Other Natural Attractions
- Be A Good Guest!
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