In a Time of Torment

Stone, I.F.
Publisher:  Vintage Book, New York, USA
Year Published:  1968
Pages:  463pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7470

Independent journalist I.F. Stone on the events and issues of the 1960s.


Table of Contents

Introduction byu Murray Kempton

I Kennedy: Bright Promise But Conventional Performance
As If the Prophet Jeremiah Were Caught Cheering
The Rapid Deterioration in Our National Leadership
Mr. Kennedy's Speech on Space Nationalistic Soap Ad Hoopla
We All Had a Finger on That Trigger

II The Missile Crisis in Retrospect
What if Krushchev Hadn't Backed Down

III The Right Fails to Take Over
Goldwater Rallies an Odd Tribe for a Strange War
An Unsocial Scientist

IV All The Way (Downhill) With LBJ
Far Below JFK
Biography as Facial Surgery
LBJ's Great Society -And Mrs. Fannie Hamer's
A Man the Whole World Has Begun to Distrust
Lyndon Johnson Lets the Office Boy Declare War
A Louis XIV -In All But Style
Ho Chi Johnson Mobilizes Little Old New Asia
Will Defeat Sober Up Rock Johnson?
A Strategy Only Fellow Con-Men Can Appreciate

V A New Cause For Mankind
"To Live As One Family"
What Should the Peace Movement Do?
A Seven-Point Program for World Peace

VI Two Shaky Liberals and a Bomber General
Humphrey: A View That Proved Too Hopeful
Lemay: Cave Man in a Jet Bomber
While Others Dodge the Draft, Bobby Dodges the War

VII A Race in Revolt
The Pilgrimage of Malcolm X
The March on Washington
The Wasteland in the White Man's Heart
Judicial Sustenance for the Southern Racist
The Ferment and the Fury in New York's Negro Ghettoes
The Negro, The FBI and Police Brutality
If We Acted in Selma as We Act in Saigon
From the Black Man's Point of View
People Without a Country
The Early Distant Warning Out of the Congo
Why They Cry Black Power

VIII The Green Beret: Silly and Sinister
When Brass Hats Begin to Read Mao Tse-Tung, Beware!
Anti-Guerilla War -The Dazzling New Military Toothpaste for Social Decay

IX In the Quicksand of Southeast Asia
Lost Chances for Peace In Indochina
What if the People, After Diem's Overthrow, Vote for Peace?
Untested in War but Already a Genius at Finance
When a Nation's Leaders Fear to Tell the Truth
What Few Know About the Tonkin Bay Incidents
Like a Bar-Room Brawl with the Lights Out
What a Little Lanolin D Can Do for That War in Vietnam
A Word of Good Advice From Mao Tse-Tung
A Reply to the White Paper
Straining at the Gnat of a Little "Non-Lethal" Gas
A Great Storm is Brewing
Our Secretary of State and the Academic Community
The Forms of Democracy, But No Longer the Reality
The White House Outsmarted Itself and Put the Spotlight on the Teach-In …
Half Dove, Half Hawk, and Wholly Opportunist
Will We Do in Vietnam What the Nazi's Did In Holland?
Time to Tell the Truth For a Change
Why Should They Trust Johnson Any More Than We Do?
A New Naval-and Perhaps Movie-Hero Makes His Debut in Washington
Bonny Bakerism On a World Scale
Why Not Bring Christmas Up to Date?
More Than Steel and Chrome Can Bear

X A Visit to Vietnam and Cambodia
What It's Like to Be In Saigon
What Vietnamese Say Privately in Saigon
Behind the Fighting in Hué and Danang
Where Communism Has Really Been Contained

XI We Always Seem to Guess Wrong
Mack Sennett in Laos
Vietnam: An Exercise in Self-Delusion
An Official Turns State's Evidence
Why We Fail as Revolutionaries

XII Reluctant Oppositionist: Fulbright of Arkansas
An American Anthony Eden
From Hawk to Dove
A Drowsy Watchdog

XIII The Younger Generation
A Triumph of Youth, Not of Electronic Hardware
SNCC's Mighty Handful
The South's Rebel Klansmen and the Student Rebel Left
A Widening Gulf and a Deepening Despair

XIV Some Epitaphs on Noble Tombs
Henry A. Wallace
Alexander Meiklejohn
Clarence E. Pickett
Estes Kefauver
Elizabeth Gurley Flynn
A. J. Muste

XV In Jefferson's Footsteps
The Bond Decision Upholds Opposition to the War as Free Speech
One Man's Sedition May Be Another Man's Loyal Good Sense
Historic Victory
On the Klan, The Rebs and The Un-Americans

XVI Our Less Than Free Press
When the Government Lies, Must the Press Fib?
What John F. Kennedy Never Understood About Freedom of the Press
Harrison Salisbury's Dastardly War Crime

XVII A Giant in Convulsion
In the Name of Marx as Once in the Name of Jesus
Why China Builds Bombs at the Expense of Bread
The Essence of What is Happening in China

XVIII Frustrating Our Latin Neighbors
How Do You Crush an Inspiration?
What Juan Bosch Tried to Do
What Chile Needs is an Opening to the Left
The Dominican Republic and Lyndon Johnson's Hungary
A Global Gendarme

XIX Tribalism's Toll: German, Jews, Arabs
What Some People Have Forgotten About Gods "Deputy"
The Racist Challenge in Israel
The Harder Battle and the Nobler Victory
For a Universal Day of Atonement


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