Handbook to Survive Bad Policing

Pages:  68pp   Resource Type:  Pamphlet
Cx Number:  CX7443

Guide to surviving police harassment and abuse. Helps anyone targeted by the police but especially Aboriginal youth, people of colour, and recent immigrants. Explains rights and strategies for dealing with the police.


Table of Contents

1. What is Policing?
i) An Overview of Policing in Toronto
ii) Safe Streets Act
iii) Community Action Policing
2. Your Rights, Obligations and Survival Strategies for Dealing with the Police
i) What the Law Says
ii) What the Reality I
iii) Some Things to Try
3. Taking Care of Yourself
i) Defending Yourself Against Criminal Charges
ii) Your Arrest and Immigration Status in Canada
iii) The Criminal Injuries Compensation Board
iv) Court Support
v) Counselling
4. Making Complaints Against the Police
i) The SIU and OCCPS
ii) Suing the Police
iii) Charging the Police
iv) Human Rights Complaints
5. Community-Based Ways to Fight Back
i) Community Groups
ii) Tactics
6. Some Resources
i) Active Networks
ii) Government Offices
iii) Lawyers
iv) Other Useful Info

Subject Headings

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