The Great Fear in Latin America

Gerassi, John
Publisher:  Collier Books, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1969   First Published:  1965
Pages:  478pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7439

Gerassi indicts American policies toward Latin America and American support for corrupt dictatorships.


Table of Contents

Introduction: The Need for Reconquest

Part I: An Overview
1. Conditions and Realities
2. News and Facts

Part II: The Pacesetters
3. Argentina
4. Brazil
5. Mexico

Part III: The Followers
6. Chile
7. Paraguay
8. Peru
9. Ecuador
10. Colombia
11. Venezuela
12. Central America
13. The Caribbean

Part IV: The Rebels
14. Costa Rica
15. Uruguay
16. Bolivia
17. A Digression: United States - Latin American Inter-History

Part V: The Alliance for Progress
18. Birth Pangs
19. Concept and Application
20. Achievements
21. Commodities and Common Markets
22. Military Aid
23. Case History: Colombia
24. Political Consideration

Part VI: Free Enterprise vs. Free Choice
25. Dollars and Sense
26. Paper Capital and Cash Profits
27. The Lost Value of Copper
28. Black Gold and Private Banks
29. Development and Foreign Investment
30. The Sieve for Dollars and Pesos

Part VII: Castro vs. The United States
31. The Battlefronts and the Forces
32. Motives and Principles

Conclusion: A Policy for Reconquest

a. Vargas' Suicide Note
b. Honduras - United States Military Treaty
c. Nicaragua - United States Military Treaty
d. Agriculture and Technology in Colombia
Note on Sources

Subject Headings

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