Eros Denied
Sex in Western Society

Young, Wayland
Publisher:  Zebra Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1966   First Published:  1964
Pages:  370pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7407

Spanning 2000 years of Western culture, Eros Denied explores the multitude of forces which through the ages have tended to suppress and pervert the sexual instincts.


Table of Contents

Part I
1 Introduction

Part II: Excluded Words
2 Language: English
3 Language: Our Neighbors

Part III: Excluded Images
4 Introductory
5 Corruption and Depravity
6 Erotica: The Sources
7 Outside Christendom
8 In Despite of Christendom
9 Transcending Christendom
10 Exempt from Art?

Part IV: Excluded Action
11 Introductory
12 Incest
13 Orgies

Part V: Excluded People
14 Prostitution

Part VI: Historical
15 Introductory
16 Augustine Between Pelagius and Mani
17 Orthodox Christianity
18 Courtly Love and Adultery
19 Scandal, Accident, Absence and Suicide
20 Love's Loss Was Empire's Gain
21 The Cheshire Scowl
22 Libertinism: The Religious Phase
23 Libertinism: The Irreligious Phase
24 Sadism
25 Stakhanovism

Part VII: Projection
26 The Golden Age
27 Animals, Foreigners and Women

Part VIII: Inclusion
28 The Religious View
29 Carpe Diem
30 Conclusion

Appendix 1 Pornography: The Trade
Appendix 2 The Later History of the Giulio-Aretine Works
Appendix 3 Arnaud Daniel: Cases Rimas
Appendix 4 Choderlos de Laclos: On the Education of Women
Appendix 5 The Cazzaria and the Libro del Perche
Appendix 6 Maffio Venier: La Strazzosa
Appendix 7 Johannes Secundus: Basium 5
Appendix 8 Freud Today

Subject Headings

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