Continuous Excursions
Politics and Personal Life

Colman, Marshall
Publisher:  Pluto Press, London, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1982
Pages:  134pp   ISBN:  0 86104 357-X
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7370

Colman looks at the idea that 'the personal is political'. He looks at personal life in pre-capitalist societies, the nature of politics and social relations, patriarchy and sexual relations, intimacy and personal life, indviduality and public life.


Table of Contents


1. The Personal is Political
Personal politics
Fusing the personal and the political
From the margin to the centre

2. Social Relations and Politics
Social relations
Power and Society
Gender relations
Sexual politics

3. Personal Life
Personal biographies
Lovers, friends and enemies
Subjective experience

4. The Politics of Personal Relations
The irrational in politics
Space invaders
Personal politics in social organizations
Personal life and political principles

5. The Cult of Intimacy
The inner-directed personality
The tyranny of structurelessness
Freud and the Victorians
Silence in public

6. Only Connect
Social blindness
Public and private morals
Social determinism
Continuous excursions

7. Individualism and Personal Autonomy
Respect for individuals
Personal autonomy
Competitive individualism

8. Capitalism, the Family and Personal Life
The split

9. Personal Life in History
Men's work and women's work
Servile burdens
A distinct sphere of personal life
Arranged marriages

10. A City of Strangers
Personal Domination
The growth of towns
The coffee houses
The devitalisation of public life

11. Revitalising Public Life
Crowds and cities
The need for boundaries
Public participation



Subject Headings

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