Challenging McWorld

Clarke, Tony; Dopp, Sarah
Publisher:  Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Canada
Year Published:  2001
Pages:  158pp   Price:  $15.00   ISBN:  0-88627-246-7
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7345


Table of Contents

Part I Exposing Corporate Rule … On Campus & In Classrooms
1. On Campus
1-a. The Debt Wall
1-b. Corporate Governance
1-c. Private Universities
1-d. Commercialized Research
1-e. Advertising
2. In Classrooms
2-a. Education Restructuring
2-b. Business Education Partnerships
2-c. Youth News Network
2-d. Corporate Curriculum
2-e. The Back to School Season

Part II … Work & Community
3. In Communities
3-a. Private vs. Public Space
3-b. Disintegrating Neighborhoods
3-c. Women's rights
3-d. Migration/Immigration
3-e. A Virtual Police State
4. In the Workplace
4-a. Contingent Workers
4-b. Retail
4-c. Fast Food
4-d. Work Safety

Part III … Canada & World
5. In Canada
5-a. Tax Cuts/Role of Government
5-b. Food Safety - Frankenfoods
5-c. Health Care
5-d. Green Machine
5-e. Mediasaurus
6. Around the World
6-a. Global Fortune 500
6-b. New World Government
6-c. Global Casino
6-d. Militarism
6-e. Human Rights

Part IV Methods & Tools
Organizing Tips
A. Challenging McWorld
B. Corporate Analysis
C. Network Organizing
D. Advocacy Networks
E. Hub and Spokes
F. Collective Power
G. Direct Action
H. Culture Jamming
I. Building Alternatives

Activities & Workshops for Action
How are You Connected to the Global Economy?
Roadmap to the Global Economy
The Clothes on Your Back
Corporate tours
Twenty Questions: Test Your Globalization Trivia

Subject Headings

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