Cambao - The Yoke
The Hidden Face of Brazil

Juliao, Francisco
Publisher:  Penguin Books, United Kingdom
Year Published:  1972  
Pages:  191pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7339

The story of the Peasant League in 1955, organized to fight against the oppression of the peasants.


Table of Contents

Editorial Preface - John Butt
Introduction - A Word

Part I: Beginning Life
1. Roots
2. Childhood and the Countryside
3. Passion and the North-East

Part II: Encounter with the Peasant
4. The Peasant and Humanity
5. Religion, Cachaça, Capanga
6. The Peasant of the North-East
7. An Ideological Word

Part III: the Peasant League
8. The North-East and the League
9. The League and the Law
10. The Beginnings of Resistance
11. Collective Resistance
12. The League and the Army
13. The League and the Church
14. The League and the Unions

Part IV: Encounter with America
15. A Wider Vision
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