The Berkeley Student Revolt
Facts and Interpretations

Lipset, Seymour Martin; Wolin, Sheldon S. (ed.)
Publisher:  Anchor Books, New York, USA
Year Published:  1965
Pages:  585pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX7319

An anthology of writings on the Berkely student revolt of 1964.


Table of Contents


Part I: Students and Politics
1. University Student Politics
2. Yesterday's Discord

Part II: Problems in the Multiversity - The Future Foreseen and Advocated
3. Selections from The Uses of the University
4. The Academic Industry
5. University Abdicates Social Responsibility
6. A Letter to Undergraduates
7. Education, Revolutions, and Citadels
8. The University: Civil Rights and Civic Responsibilities

Part III: The History of a Student Revolt
9. Chronology of Events: Three Months of Crisis
10. The UC Student Protests: California Poll

Part IV: The Voice of the Actors
11. The Position of the Free Speech Movement on Speech and Political Activity
12. Occasional Literature
13. We Want a University
14. An End to History
15. The Free Speech Movement and Civil Rights
Statements of the University Students for Law and Order
16 Five Leaflets Distributed in December 1964
The Groups on the Periphery Speak Up
17. Pluralistic Society or Class Rule?
18 Brown Calls Cops to Teach Students
19. Big UC Revolt - The House that Kerr Built
20. State Campus Safety Imperiled
21. Clark Kerr Blames Peking but "Muscovites" Active
Administration Statement
22. Remarks by the Chancellor to the University Meet, September 28, 1964
23. Statement Read at the Meeting of the Academic Senate
24. Statement by President Clark Kerr, November 12, 1964
25. Statement by President Clark Kerr, December 3, 1964
26. A Message to Alumni by Clark Kerr, February 1965
Some Faculty Statements Issued in December and January
27. To the Students of Political Science 113
28. Statement
29. Why Has the Berkeley Faculty Failed to Condemn Violations of the Law by Students?
30. Statement on Academic Senate Resolution of December 8, 1964
31. Reflections on the Crisis at Berkeley
32. An Answer to a Letter by a Pro-FSM Student Published in the Berkeley Daily Gazette
33. Intellectual Responsibility and Political Conduct
Opinions by Law School Faculty
34. A Statement to the Committee on Academic Freedom of the Berkeley Division of the Academic Senate
35. A Statement on the Legal Issues

Part V: Analyses and Interpretations
a) Debates
35. What Happened at Berkeley
36. Reply to Glazer
37. Reply to Selznick
38. Thoughts on Berkeley
39. Reply to Goodman
40. Reply to Glazer
41. FSM: Freedom Fighters or Misguided Rebels? (Draper
42. FSM: Freedom Fighters or Misguided Rebels? (Glazer)
b) Perspectives of the Editors
43. The Lesson of Berkeley
44. The Abuses of the Multiversity
45. Reply to Wolin and Schaar
c) Perspectives: Faculty Members
46 What is Left at Berkeley
47. The Student Rebellion at Berkeley - an Interpretation
d) Perspectives: Outsiders
48 Extremism in the Defense of.....
49. No Fair! The Students Strike at California
50. Berkeley Revolt
51. The Berkeley Affair: Mr Kerr vs Mr Savio & Co.
e) Academic Freedom
52. Academic Freedom and the Rights of Students
53. Academic Freedom and Student Political Activity
54. The Nature of a University and Academic Freedom

Part VI: Berkeley Students Under the Social Scientist's Eye
55. The Student Movement at Berkeley: Some Impressions
56. Opinion Formation in a Crisis Situation
57. Determinants of Support for Civil Liberties
58. The Police Car Demonstration: A Survey of Participants
59. The Mainsprings of the Rebellion: A Survey of Berkeley Students

Part VII: Documentary Appendices
60. Off-Campus Groups, Fall 1964
61. Report of the Ad Hoc Committee on Student Conduct
62. A Report on the Status of Deliberation of the Committee on Campus Political Activities
63. Statement Issued January 3, 1965 by Acting Chancellor Martin Meyerson
64. To the Educational Press

Subject Headings

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