Autonomist Marxism Course Outline

Cleaver, Harry
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX7269

An outline of currents of thought and readings related to autonomist Marxism. The term autonomis" is used to designate a dominan characteristic of this particular tradition of radical political thought: the emphasis on the autonomy of the working class in its struggle against capital as well as on the autonomy of various groups of workers vis a vis others of their class.

This current has also been labelled "social capital theory," a name which evokes another aspect of this tradition: the explicit recognition of the systematic extension of capitalist domination and of class struggle throughout the social fabric of the 20th Century, of the emergence of the "social factory" and of the struggles to destroy and escape it. In Italy, Germany, and France, where some of the most interesting developments in this tradition have taken place, the general political "space," as the Italians say, occupied by this tradition is called Autonomy or Workers' Autonomy. Autonomist Marxism is thus an adaptation of that designation.

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