Preliminaries Toward Defining a Unitary Revolutionary Program

Debord, Guy
Year Published:  1960
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX7225

Written as a platform for discussion within the Situationist International, and for its linkup with revolutionary militants of the workers movement.

Revolutionary politics thus has as its content the totality of the problems of the society. It has as its form the experimental practice of a free life through organized struggle against the capitalist order. The revolutionary movement must thus itself become an experimental movement. Henceforth, wherever it exists, it must develop and resolve as profoundly as possible the problems of a revolutionary microsociety. This comprehensive politics culminates in the moment of revolutionary action, when the masses abruptly intervene to make history and discover their action as direct experience and as festival. At such moments they undertake a conscious and collective construction of everyday life which, one day, will no longer be stopped by anything.

Subject Headings

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