The People's Petition
Year Published:  1838
Resource Type:  Article
Cx Number:  CX7221

The Chartist Petition of 1838.

Chartism was an English working class radical movement centered on a 'People's Charter" (1837) of six points. In 1838 a national Petition was collected and submitted to Parliament.


"The energies of a mighty kingdom have been wasted in building up the power of selfish and ignorant men, and its resources squandered for their aggrandisement.

The good of a party has been advanced to the sacrifice of the good of the nation; the few have governed for the interest of the few, while the interest of the many has been neglected, or insolently and tyrannously trampled upon."


When the State calls for defenders, when it calls for money, no consideration of poverty or ignorance can be pleaded in refusal or delay of the call.

Required as we are, universally, to support and obey the laws, nature and reason entitle us to demand, that in the making of the laws, the universal voice shall be implicitly listened to.

We perform the duties of freemen; we must have the privileges of freemen.

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