Mastering the Machine
Poverty, Aid and Technology

Smillie, Ian
Publisher:  Broadview Press
Year Published:  1992
Pages:  268pp   Price:  $18.95   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6768

In this book, Smillie asserts that Third World Nations and donor nations are an obstacle for people to make advances in industry and technology. Third World Nations should use local non-governmental organizations to improve technology and industry. One example is BRAC, the Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee, has done a thorough job in introducing 80,000 poor women to poultry rearing and another 60,000 women to growing readside mulberry trees for silkworms.
Smillie pleads for a rational approach to industrialization and questions of technology, offers and excellent summary of global reports that lay out the extent of poverty in the southern hemisphere.

Subject Headings

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