The Activist Cookbook
A Hands-on Manual for Organizers, Artists and Educators who want to get their message across in powerful, creative ways

Boyd, Andrew
Publisher:  United for a New Economy, Boston, USA
Year Published:  1999   First Published:  1997
Pages:  96pp   Price:  $15   ISBN:  0-9659249-0-4
Book Type:  Handbooks/Manuals

Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6693

Spicy recipes for fighting economic injustice.


Table of Contents


The Joy of Cooking
1. Introduction
2. Cuisines From around the World
3. Soup to Nuts
4. 3-Minute Meals
5. A La Carte From Scratch
6. Trends in American Dining
7. The American Palate
8. Complete Recipes
9. Shopping for Fresh Foods
10. Keeping the Kitchen Stocked

Subject Headings

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