Nature Heals
The Psychological Essays of Paul Goodman

Goodman, Paul; ed. by Taylor Stoehr
Publisher:  E.P. Dutton, New York, USA
Year Published:  1979
Pages:  260pp   Price:  $6.50   ISBN:  0-525-47569-9
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6672

Adolescent sexuality, the nature of aggression, ethics, Freud, the psychology of artists, Reich, homosexuality -- large, important, and controversial issues like these fascinated Paul Goodman, and in these essays he writes about them as if he absolutely had to, as if nothing were more important than the subject at hand.


Table of Contents


Freud and the Golden Age
The Father of the Psychoanalytic Movement
The Golden Age
Eros, or the drawing of the Bow

Reich and his Enemies
Freud's Theory of the Mind
The Political Meaning of Some Recent Revisions of Freud, and The Barricade and the Bedroom, by C. Wright Mills & Patricia Salter, with reply by PG
Sex ad Revolutions
The Fate of Dr. Reich's books
Great Pioneer, but No Libertarian

Modern Psychopathology
Unpublished "Editors' Note" for the First Issue of Complex
A Public Dream of Universal Disaster
The Children and Psychology
Sex and Ethics
Designing Pacific films
Reflections on Racism, Spite, Guilt and Non-Violence
The Psychology of Being Powerless
The Anti-Social and Aggression

Writers and Writing
The Psychological Revolution and the Writer's Life-View
On the Intellectual Inhibition of Explosive Grief and Anger
On a Writer's Block

Notes on Self-Analysis
On Being a Writer: An Essay for My Fortieth Birthday
The Politics of Being Queer
My Psychology as a "Utopian Sociologist"

What is Man?
Notes from a Journal
What Is Man? Eight Lectures

Subject Headings

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