Working People
Life in a Downtown City Neighbourhood

Lorimer, James
Publisher:  James Lewis and Samuel, Toronto, Canada
Year Published:  1971
Pages:  309pp   Price:  $4.95     Dewey:  323.3
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6653

A description of the Don Vale neighbourhood of downtown Toronto in the 1960s.


Table of Contents

Part I: Photographs

Part II:
1. The East of Parliament Neighbourhood
2. Four Families and Other Friends
3. Family and Social Life
4. Economic Life
5. Political Life
6. Attitudes
7. Working People, Poverty and Public Policy

Part III: Introduction
8. Neighbours and Neighbourhood
9. Local Institutions: Schools, Hotels and a Nursing Home
10. The Death of Terence Callard
11. Movies, Books, Newspapers, Music
12. Urban Renewal East of Parliament: 'Putting Meters on Our Noses'
13. Six Months Later: Summer 1967
14. The Re-Election of Henry J. ('I'm Uncle Bud to thousands of people around here') Price
15. Neighbours and Neighbourhood: Autumn 1967
16. Roberts School
17. Christmas
18. Fireworks

Subject Headings

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