Workers Battle Automation
A News & Letters Pamphlet

Denby, Charles
Publisher:  News & Letters, Detroit, USA
Year Published:  1971   First Published:  1960
Pages:  62pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6648

In the mine, mill or factory, Automation has not reduced the drudgery of labor. The very opposite is the truth. The factory clock is now geared to the pace of the monster machine. The auto worker, the steel worker, the miner -- all workers who battle against Automation know its life-and-death meaning -- its speedup, its inhuman way of work, its death by overwork, its unemployment, its permanently depressed areas, its ghost towns.


Table of Contents

1. In the Auto Shops
2. Whose Judgment?
3. In the Steel Mills
4. In the Mines
5. Which Way Out?

Subject Headings

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