Women Against Censorship

Burstyn, Varda
Publisher:  Douglas & McIntyre, Vancouver, Canada
Year Published:  1985
Pages:  210pp   ISBN:  0-88894-455-1
Library of Congress Number:  HQ471.W65 1985   Dewey:  363.4'7
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6642

Essays which argue that women have nothing to gain by allying themselves with anti-feminist forces and mainstream politicians. The contributors say that censorhip will be used against feminists who seek deep and permanent changes in the status quo.


Table of Contents

Varda Burstyn / Introduction
Varda Burstyn / Political Precedents and Moral
Crusades: Women, Sex and the State
Myrna Kostash / Second Thoughts
Sara Diamond / Pornography: Image and Reality
Lisa Steele / A Capital Idea: Gendering in the Mass Media
Lynn King / Censorship and Law Reform: Will Changing the Laws Mean a Change for the Better?
Anna Gronau / Women and Images: Toward a Feminist Analysis of Censorship
Mariana Valverde and Lorna Weir / Thrills, Chills and the "Lesbian Threat" or, The Media, the State
and Women's Sexuality
Ann Snitow / Retrenchment versus Transformation:
The Politics of the Anti-Pornography Movement
June Callwood / Feminist Debates and Civil Liberties
Lisa Duggan, Nan Hunter and Carole S. Vance / False Promises: Feminist Anitipornography Legislation in
the U.S.
Varda Burstyn / Beyond Despair: Positive Strategies
Thelma McCormack / Appendix 1: Making Sense of the Research on Pornography

Editor's Note
Author's Introduction
Appendix 2: Excerpts from the Minneapolis Ordinance

Subject Headings

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