Unequal Union
Confederation and the Roots of Conflict in the Canadas, 1815 - 1873

Ryerson, Stanley B.
Publisher:  Progress Books Publishers, Canada
Year Published:  1968
Pages:  477pp   ISBN:  0-919396-17-8
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6621

Ryerson examines the connection between the social and the national in Canadian history.


Table of Contents


Part One: Revolt Against Colonialism
1. Roots of Conflict in Lower Canada
2. Democracy and Self-Determination
3. A National-Democratic Revolution
4. Land, Liberty- and Capital
5. "Some Change in Our Circumstances"
6. The Rising in Upper Canada

Part Two: Capitalist Industrialism
7. Self-Government and National Rights
8. Achievement in 1848
9. Masters and Men
10. Maritime Identity and Democracy
11. U.S. Expansionists
12. "Make the Railroads First!"
13. Prelude to an Industrial Revolution
14. Lands and Learning: Reform and Reaction
15. The Natural Sciences

Part Three: Colonial Unification
16. "A Great Country May Be Raised Up"
17. Canada and the War Against Slavery
18. Engineering a Federal Union
19. French Canada and the Term of Union
20. A People's Rising in the North West
21. Self-Government on the Pacific Coast
22. Nation and Class: Aftermath and Projection

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Index of Authors
General Index

Subject Headings

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