To The Finland Station
A Study in the Writing and Acting of History

Wilson, Edmund
Publisher:  Doubleday Anchor
Year Published:  1953   First Published:  1940
Pages:  502pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6605

The revolutionary tradition in Europe and the rise of socialism.


Table of Contents


1. Michelet Discovers Vico
2. Michelet and the Middle Ages
3. Michelet and the Revolution
4. Michelet Tries to Live His History
5. Michelet Between Nationalism and Socialism
6. Decline of the Revolutionary Tradition: Renan
7. Decline of the Revolutionary Tradition: Taine
8. Decline of the Revolutionary Tradition: Anatole France

1. Origins of Socialism: Babeuf's Defense
2. Origins of Socialism: Saint-Simon's Hierarchy
3. Origins of Socialism: The Communities of Fourier and Owen
4. Origins of Socialism: Enfantin and the American Socialists
5. Karl Marx: Prometheus and Lucifer
6. Karl Marx Decides to Change the World
7. Friedrich Engels: The Young Man from Manchester
8. The Partnership of Marx and Engels
9. Marx and Engels: Grinding the Lens
10. Marx and Engels Take a Hand at Making History
11. The Myth of the Dialectic
12. Marx and Engels go Back to Writing History
13. Historical Actors: Lassalle
14. Historical Actors: Bakunin
15. Karl Marx: Poet of Commodities and Dictator of the Proletariat
16. Karl Marx Dies at his Desk

1. Lenin: The Brothers Ulyanov
2. Lenin: The Great Headmaster
3. Trotsky: The Young Eagle
4. Trotsky Identifies History with Himself
5. Lenin Identifies Himself with History
6. Lenin at the Finland Station

Summary as of 1940

Subject Headings

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