Student Power

Cockburn, Alexander, Blackburn, Robin (ed.)
Publisher:  Penguin
Year Published:  1969
Pages:  378pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6591

An anthology of essays.


Table of Contents

Introduction Alexander Cockburn

The Gathering Storm
The Meaning of the Student Revolt Gareth Stedman Jones

The Condition of Higher Education
Roots of the British Crisis David Adelstein
Learning One's Lesson Linda Tinkham
Education or Examination? Tom Fawthrop
Chaos in the Art Colleges Tom Nairn and Jim Singh-Sandhu

The Failure of Student Institutions
NUS - The Student's Muffler David Widgery
The CIA and Student Politics David Triesman

The Repressive Culture
A Brief Guide to Bourgeois Ideology Robin Blackburn
Components of the National Culture
Perry Anderson

International Experience
Students of the World Unite Fred Halliday
Campaigning on the Campus Carl Davidson

On Revolution Herbert Marcuse
Why Sociologists? Nanterre Students

Subject Headings

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