State Capitalism and World Revolution

James, C.L.R.

Publisher:  Johnson-Forest Tendency, USA
Year Published:  1986   First Published:  1950
Pages:  107pp  
Dewey:  320.5322
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6580

The great organisations of the masses of the people and of workers in the past were not worked out by any theoretical elite or vanguard. They arose from the experience of millions of people and their need to overcome the intolerable pressures which society had imposed upon them for generations.


Table of Contents


I.) What is Stalinism?
II.) The Stalinists and the Theory of State-Capitalism
III.) Lenin and State Capitalism
IV.) Rearming the Party of World Revolution
V.) The Class Struggle
VI.) The Theory of the Party
VII.) Methodology
VIII.) Lenin and the Transitional Regime
IX.) Yugoslavia
X.) Some Political Conclusions
XI.) Philosophy and State-Capitalism

Subject Headings

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