Socialist Thought
A Documentary History

Fried, Albert; Sanders, Ronald (eds.)
Publisher:  Anchor
Year Published:  1964
Pages:  544pp   Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6571

An anthology of important documents in the history of European socialist thought, from pre-revolutionary France to the 1950s.


Table of Contents

Chapter I General Introduction

Chapter II Early French Communism
Code of Nature
3. Jean Jacques Rousseau
Discourse on Ineqality
4."Gracchus" Babeuf
a.Letter to Dubois de Fosseux
b.Manifesto of the Equals
c.Analysis of the Doctrine of Babeuf
d.Excerpt from the Trial of Babeuf

Chapter III Utopian Socialism
2.Claude Henri Saint-Simon:
a.Letter from an Inhabitant of Geneva
b. The New Christianity
3.The Saint-Simonians:
Exposition of the Doctrine of Saint-Simon:
First Session; On the Necessity of a New Social Doctrine
4.Charles Fourier:
Selected Writings
5.Robert Owen:
Discourse Delivered at New Lanark

Chapter IV The Emergence of the Proletariat
Crown and Anchor Petition
3.Louis August Blanqui:
The Man Who Makes the Soup Should Get to Eat It
4.Pierre Joseph Proudhon:
What is Property?
5.Louis Blanc:
The Organization of Labor

Chapter V Early German Socialism
2.Johann Gottlieb Fichte:
The Closed Commercial State
3.Moses Hess:
The Philosophy of the Act

Chapter VI Marx and Engels
2.Economical and Philosophical Manuscripts of 1844
3.Theses on Feuerbach
4.To J. Weydemeyer (March 5,1852)
5.Preface to the Critique of Political Economy
6.Inaugural Address of the Workingmen's International Association
7.To L. Kugelmann (October 9,1866)
8.Engel's Explanation of Capital
9.To F. Bolte (November 23,1871)
10.Engels: Socialism: Utopian and Scientific
11.Engels: To F. Mehring (July 14,1893)

Chapter VII Anarchism
2.Michael Bakunin:
To the International Workingmen's Association of Locle and Chaux-de-Fonds
3.Peter Kropotkin:
Mutual Aid
Georges Sorel: Reflections on Violence
5.Guild Socialism:
G. D. H. Cole: Guild Socialism Restated

Chapter VIII Revisionism
2.Ferdinand Lassalle:
The Worker's Program
3.Fabian Socialism:
Sidney Webb: English Progress toward Social Democracy
4.Jean Jaurès:
Idealism in History
5.Alexandre Millerand:
Saint-Mandé Program
6. Eduard Bernstein:
Evolutionary Socialism
7.Karl Kautsky:
The Road to Power

Chapter IX Bolshevism
2. Georgi Plekhanov:
Socialism and the Political Struggle
3.Vladimir Lenin:
a.What Is to Be Done?
b.State anf Revolution
4.Karl Kautsky:
Dictatorship of the Proletariat
5.Leon Trotsky:
The New Course
6.Joseph Stalin:
a.The Foundations of Leninism
b.On the Problems of Leninism

Chapter X Contemporary Socialism: Two Views
2.Antonio Gramsci:
a.Marxism amd Modern Culture
b.The Modern Prince
3.C. A. R. Crosland:
The Future of Socialism


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