Socialist Humanism

Fromm, Erich (ed.)
Publisher:  Doubleday Anchor
Year Published:  1966   First Published:  1965
Pages:  461pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6568

An international symposium whose contributors explore the humanist essence of socialism. Among the contributors are Herbert Marcuse, Maximilien Rubel, Norman Thomas, T.B. Bottomore, Raya Dunayevskaya, Ernst Bloch, and Bertrand Russell.


Table of Contents

Introduction by Erich Fromm

Veljko Korac, In Search of Human Society
Ivan Svitak, The Sources of Socialist Humanism
Bogdan Suchodolski, Renaissance Humanism and Marxian Humanism
Lucien Goldmann, Socialism and Humanism
Leopold Senghor, Socialism Is a Humanism
Raya Dunayevskaya, Marx's Humanism Today
Mihailo Markovic, Humanism and Dialectic
Nirmal Kumar Bose, Gandhi: Humanist and Socialist
Herbert Marcuse, Socialist Humanism?
Eugene Kamenka, Marxian Humanism and the Crisis in Socialist Ethics
Umberto Cerroni, Socialist Humanism and Science

Adam Schaff, Marxism and the Philosophy of Man
Milan Prucha, Marxism and the Existential Problems of Man
Karel Kosik, Man and Philosophy
Marek Fritzhand, Marx's Ideal of Man
Bronislaw Baczko, Marx and the Idea of the Universality of Man
Danilo Pejovic, On the Power and Impotence of Philosophy
Maximilien Rubel, Reflections on Utopia and Revlution
Ernst Bloch, Man and Citizen According to Marx
Erich Fromm, The Application of Humanist Psychoanalysis to Marx's Theory

Bertrand Russell, In Praise of Idleness
Irving Fetscher, Marx's Concretization of the Concept of Freedom
Gajo Petrovic, Man and Freedom
Rudi Supek, Freedom and Polydeterminism in the Criticism of Culture

Predrag Vranicki, Socialism and the Problem of Alienation
Oskar Schatz and Ernst Florian Winter, Alienation, Marxism, and Humanism (A Christian Viewpoint)
Mathilde Niel, The Phenomenon of Technology: Liberation or Alienation of Man?

Norman Thomas, Humanistic Socialism and the Future
Wolfgan Abendroth, Planning and the Classless Society
Richard M. Titmuss, Social Welfare and the Art of Giving
T.B. Bottomore, Industry, Work, and Socialism
Sir Stephen King-Hall, Personal Liberty in an Affluent Society
Paul Medow, The Humanistic Ideals of the Enlightenment and Mathematical Economics
Danilo Dolci, Reflections on Planning and Groups, Decentralization and Planning
Galvano della Volpe, The Legal Philosophy of Socialism
The Triple Revolution

Subject Headings

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