The Sane Society

Fromm, Erich
Publisher:  Fawcett
Year Published:  1955  
Pages:  320pp  
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6551

A critical evaluation of the effects of contemporary Western culture on the mental health and sanity of the people living within it.


Table of Contents


1 Are We Sane?
Can a Society Be Sick? - The Pathology of Normalcy
The Human Situation - The Key to Humanistic Psychoanalysis
The Human Situation
Man's Needs - As they Stem From the Conditions of his Existence
Relatedness vs. Narcissism
Transcendence-Creativeness vs. Destructiveness
Rootedness-Brotherliness vs. Incest
Sense of Identity-Individuality vs. Herd Conformity
The Need for a Frame of Orientation and Devotion-Reason vs. Irrationality

Mental Health and Society
Man in Capitalistic Society
The Social Character
The Structure of Capitalism and the Character of Man
Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Capitalism
Nineteenth-Century Capitalism
Twentieth-Century Capitalism
Social and Economic changes
Characterological Changes
Quantification, Abstractification
Various Other Aspects
Anonymous Authority
The Principle of Nonfrustration
Free Association and Free Talk
Reason, Conscience, Religion
Alienation and Mental Health

Various Other Diagnoses
Nineteenth Century
Twentieth Century
Various Answers
Authoritarian Idolatry
Roads to Sanity
General Considerations
Economic Transformation
Socialism as a Problem
The Principle of Communitarian Socialism
Socio-Psychological Objections
Interest and Participation as Motivation
Practical Suggestions

Political Transformation
Cultural Transformation

Summary - Conclusion


Subject Headings

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