Rosa Luxemburg
A Life

Ettinger, Elzbeta
Publisher:  Beacon Press, Boston, USA
Year Published:  1986
Pages:  286pp   ISBN:  0-8070-7007-6
  Dewey:  335.43
Resource Type:  Book
Cx Number:  CX6542

A biography of the Marxist revolutionary.

This biography of Rosa Luxemburg describes her life as a revolutionary and Marxist theorist, as well as her personal struggles. Well-known for her role as a leader in Polish and German socialism, her motives and achievements are analyzed in this book. It follows her life from childhood to explain how she grew into a social activist and enlightened thinker.

The book is written chronologically and divided into three sections for the geographical locations of her residence: Poland, Switzerland, and Germany. There is focus not only on her political and public life, but also on her romantic and private life. Resources include discovered letters and documents, and accounts of friends. Historical photographs provide visual aids throughout the volume.

Luxemburg was a social revolutionary who believed in socialism, equality and peace. "No amount of arms, in any corner of the world... could stop people thirsty for justice and hungry for bread from rising up against those who corrupt them morally and exploit them economically." Her role in political events from the late nineteenth century and early twentieth century is accompanied by an account of her home life. She had a significant impact on the politics of her time, and the international socialist movement, without giving up her desires and dreams.

[Abstract by Mia Manns]

Table of Contents


Part I: Poland
1. Zamosc: The Native Town - 1870-1873
2. Warsaw: The Drastic Change - 1874-1882
3. Warsaw: The Adolescent Quest - 1882-1889
4. Wilno: Leo Jogiches, the Young Conspirator - 1867-1890

Part II: Switzerland
5. Rosa Luxemburg and Leo Jogiches - 1889-1894
6. The Uphill Struggle - 1895-1898

Part III: Germany
7. The German Conquests - 1898-1900
8. "Love and Work Together" - 1900-1902
9. Prison: The Real Initiation - 1902-1904
10. Back in Warsaw - 1905-1906
11. Costia Zetkin - 1907-1912
12. Other Fires, Other Fights - 1908-1913
13. War on War - 1914
14. In and Out of Prison - 1915-1918
15. The End and the Beginning - 1919


Subject Headings

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